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Like A Virgin

Photography by Seiji Fujimori
Written by Corey Scott Arter

“Life, like art, is a collaboration, and I did not get here on my own — and why would I want to?”  -Madonna

Very few icons have had the scope of vision and longevity that Madonna has — and of those icons, even fewer are still relevant.  Over the greater part of three decades, going on four, the Queen of Pop has stayed at the top, breaking world records over and again with each successive year.  She is undoubtedly the most successful female pop artist of all-time; and she is arguably one of the most powerful women in the world.

To say that Madonna is prolific would be the understatement of the century — but then again, it’s so hard to come by the words to describe the magic that she embodies.   It’s for that reason that she was the ultimate source of inspiration for the premier issue of VIRGINE.

The visionary behind the Madonna-inspired spread, appropriately entitled ‘Like A Virgin’, is no other than the magazine’s very own art director, Seiji Fujimori.  If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then indeed, Madonna should be incredibly flattered by Fujimori’s twenty-three page spread.

While the spread is punctuated by drama, sexuality, and recognizable signature Madonna moments, it rises above the usual clichéd visualizations — it is whimsical and surprisingly unexpected.  Just as many of Madonna’s contemporaries reference and borrow from her oeuvre of styles, so too do the other characters in this visualization.

The central character is model Bregje Heinen as ‘Madonna’ of course, and alongside her, Fujimori has created a cast of ‘wannabes’ and androgynous look-alikes.  in doing so, he has designed such an honest illustration of the chaos and following that has surrounded Madonna throughout her career.

“Madonna couldn’t be Madonna by herself,” says Fujimori.  She is a collaborator in the greatest sense, and she has shown the world that she is not bound by any one medium.  “She gives us all direction on lifestyle, fashion, new-waves — she’s always fresh, like a virgin…and that’s why she fits with our magazine.”

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