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Julia Stegner präsentiert in unicefTV folgende Themen

Beautiful Mind - Julia Stegner (UNICEF Ambassador)


SUNFLOWER CHILDREN Statement by Helena Houdova

Beautiful Mind - Helena Houdova

Penguin Prison

By Marcia Howard

Even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover will make a believer out of you. His endeavors include faux boy band pop, a Q-Tip-produced hip hop album, and the synth-pop, happy dance music that he makes today under the Penguin Prison moniker – and all this from a singer who got his start in a choir with a young Alicia Keys. In short, Glover has been musically reborn over and over again.

When he’s not writing songs and touring, he’s picking up DJ acts and remixing popular artists such as Marina and The Diamonds, Kylie Minogue, and Passion Pit. How did he evolve into his current genre? Like any artist with a sense of play, he fell into it while messing around with a Mattel beat machine, creating a song that eventually became “Golden Train.” It’s a beat-heavy song that sounds like the love child of the Knight Rider theme song and Prince falsetto. With all his changing and adapting, he’s tapped into something both nostalgic and modern.

Photography BJORN IOOSS

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By Eric Waroll

Since I published my article about Rad Hourani/Mykro’s book launch party (read it here), and Virgine magazine published my interview with Rad Hourani, (read the interview here) I received many e-mails asking me if I also have been to Tranclassic, the art exhibition that Rad Hourani did at the Galerie Joyce in Paris last Summer. To answer you all, yes I have been to the exhibition and I naturally took some photographs of it.

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Marc Loves Me

By Alixandra Lycette Weintraub

“Fashion is not a necessity. Nobody needs it, but they want it. And as long as you can create something that someone wants, then you’re doing the right thing.” – Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is undeniably one of the most prolific and gifted contemporary designers of our time. He is absolutely intrepid, producing exquisite collections for his eponymous line around the clock — meanwhile, trendsetting all along the way. Jacobs, who learned to knit from his grandmother when he was just a child, studied at Parsons School of Design in NYC, paid his dues with Perry Ellis; and at present, he’s the rightful Creative Director for Louis Vuitton.

That aside, Marc Jacobs recently hosted the Designer for Tomorrow competition for German Fashion Week in Berlin. The competition was founded in 2009 by Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf Department store. The ultimate goal is to help emerging talent, providing youths with a platform for their ideas and designs.

Marc Jacobs - Source: Designer For Tomorrow

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By Lepo Navo

A lot of great pictures happen spontaneously, no matter how much you plan ahead, In fact our favourite pictures are those done with almost no preparation at all. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

In the 2007 book “FACE OF FASHION”, photography duo Mert and Marcus were two of the five featured photographers.  The others were Corinne Day, Steven Klein, Paolo Roversi, and Mario Sorrenti.

“FACE OF FASHION”, was truly an amazing book for photography and fashion photography enthusiasts.  It was one of those bookmarks in my life that remind me how I wanted to be a better photographer, why I fell in love with photography, and why I lust for the art like little children do.

photo by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Source:

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LOUIS VUITTON- Brand Identity

By Akira Kimata - VIRGINE‘s concept designer.

This  project combines elements from a natural setting
with a completely urban and commercial icon.
Envisioning the classic Louis Vuitton monogram on
a bizarre creature is totally out of the ordinary.




Conceptual design by AKIRA KIMATA

Mohamed Fajar

By Ann Binlot

The model agent Mohammed Fajar (Ford Models NY) isn’t impressed by conventional beauty. Rather, he said it’s the thrill of discovering a new special face that makes his job exciting.

“I love to make new stars,” Fajar said. “When you take a girl that’s fresh and you see something is happening to her, that’s amazing, because after a while they become big models.”

Crystal Renn - Source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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Rest in Rhythm, Winehouse

By Alixandra Lycette Weintraub

“I’ll battle till this bitter finale just me, my dignity & this guitar case.” –Amy Winehouse

Countless people knew Amy Jade Winehouse as the publicly intoxicated, rehab ridden, modern day jazz musician from London; but to her millions of fans, she was a talented, unique and intriguing woman who changed music forever.  On Saturday, the five-time Grammy Award winning musician joined ‘Club 27’ – a group of famous musicians, each of which died at age 27, including Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.

Amy Winehouse - Source: Huffington Post

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Jenny Mörtsell

By Panama Harris

Jenny Mörtsell is a pale Scandinavian beauty with blue eyes and plaited brown hair. A recent transplant to Gotham, Mörtsell originally hails from Stockholm, Sweden, where she studied printmaking and graphic design. Dressed to the nines in her gray Wayfarers and marinière tank top, she seems to fit right in here in New Yorker. One almost wouldn’t suspect that she’s one of the more talented illustrators in print today.

Lindsey Wixson - Source : Jenny's Portfolio

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