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Print Me Up, Read Me Down

By Corey Scott Arter

Generally, when we think of fashion magazines, we think ‘glamour’ and ‘sophistication’.  Rarely, if ever, do we think about the production process and the behind-the-scenes construction that goes into that final glossy beacon of hope that ends up so eloquently placed on the newsstand shelf.

Truth be told, the business and creation of magazines isn’t always as chic as some might expect.  There’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears that goes into each and every issue — some dreams come true, and some are killed.  The end result, however, is a collective voice of thought, inspiration, and editorial philosophy.
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Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

Japan Society has created a disaster relief fund to aid victims of the massive earthquake and tsunamis that struck northeastern Japan.  The Japan Earthquake Relief Fund will work with Japanese and American nonprofit organizations that are on the frontlines of disaster relief and recovery in Japan.  The fund will take advantage of Japan Society’s expertise in bringing together American and Japanese experts to collaborate on social issues, including disaster relief.  One hundred percent of tax-deductible contributions to the fund will go to organizations that directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis. Click here to learn more.

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Ready. Set. Virgine.

by Corey Scott Arter

Just as its name suggests, VIRGINE is indeed something ‘pure’ and ‘new’.  After years of conceptual development and planning, the premier issue is at long last available to magazine aficionados everywhere.

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Fashion in Seoul

by Hyojin Jun

Seoul’s fashion scene is about to be shaken up. With the beginning of spring, change is coming, along with a whole lot of fashion news.

Scott Schuman from the Sartorialist visited Seoul not so long ago to take in the real style of the city (though it was a collaboration with brands). Soon the Robert Paolo exhibition will open at 10 Corso Como Seoul, as well as the “Art Lecture at Artsonje” at Sonje Art Gallery, sponsored by Tiffany Korea.

This year’s first hero is Jens Hoffmann, Istanbul Biennial Curator and Director of CCA Wattis Contemporary Art Institute. Gaia Repossi-designed accessories will be launched at Zadig-et-Voltaire and fashion icon Alexa Chung is in the news for DJing at the Mulberry Party on the 23rd of March.

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