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Beautiful Heart

By Veronica Foregger and Ryan Yoon

Success in the fashion world can mean a lot of things.  For some fame and fortune are enough, for others, fame and fortune are only a means to pursue loftier goals – to touch lives and make a difference.  For these five models, a beautiful face has allowed these extraordinary women the opportunity to open up their beautiful hearts. Petra Nemcova, Angela Lindvall, Lily Cole, Liya Kebede and Karolína Kurková


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Only Watch 2011

Help research to help children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
ONLY WATCH 2011- Exceptional Charity Auction
September 23rd, 2011 MONACO, Hotel Hermitage

© MB&F

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Remembering September 11th

The day we will never forget, September 11th, 2001.

Today, ten years later, we will honor the memory of all of those who we lost that day and we will remember 9-11 heros, the firefighter, the police man, the medical personal, rescue workers, and many others.

We will reflect on how far our country has come and far we have to go. We will share stories with others and with our children. And most of all, we will never forget.

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The futuristic shoes, Nike MAG, worn by Marty Mcfly(played by Michael J. Fox) in the movie “BACK TO THE FUTURE Part II” finally came out to real world.

This project is exciting to me because it brings together three very passionate audiences: the Parkinson’s community, the sneakerheads and Back to the Future fans. – Michael J. Fox.

Nike has produced a limited run of 1,500 pairs of the MAG. Each will be auctioned on EBay, and all of the “net proceeds” will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help fight Parkinson’s disease, according to Nike. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991.

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Beyond Coal - We can change that

Act now to move beyond coal.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the country, talking to their neighbors, community leaders, media outlets, and most importantly, decision-makers, have successfully stopped over 150 coal plants to date! But with 500 coal-fired power plants still operating, spewing out deadly pollution, we have our work cut out for us as we create the citizen movement that will shut down coal and create a clean energy future.

Julia Stegner präsentiert in unicefTV folgende Themen

Beautiful Mind - Julia Stegner (UNICEF Ambassador)


SUNFLOWER CHILDREN Statement by Helena Houdova

Beautiful Mind - Helena Houdova

Japan Earthquake Relief Fund

Japan Society has created a disaster relief fund to aid victims of the massive earthquake and tsunamis that struck northeastern Japan.  The Japan Earthquake Relief Fund will work with Japanese and American nonprofit organizations that are on the frontlines of disaster relief and recovery in Japan.  The fund will take advantage of Japan Society’s expertise in bringing together American and Japanese experts to collaborate on social issues, including disaster relief.  One hundred percent of tax-deductible contributions to the fund will go to organizations that directly help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunamis. Click here to learn more.

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