Azzedine Alaïa Interview

Holder of two fashion Oscars, Alaïa doesn’t have to worry about his place as one of the greatest in the history of fashion. But skills come withhardships, patience, and enduring passion.


A lot of great pictures happen spontaneously, no matter how much you plan ahead, In fact our favourite pictures are those done with almost no preparation at all. - Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Fashion in Seoul

Seoul's fashion scene is about to be shaken up. With the beginning of spring, change is coming, along with a whole lot of fashion news.

de Kooning - A Retrospective

This is the first major museum exhibition devoted to the full scope of the career of Willem de Kooning, widely considered to be among the most important and prolific artists of the 20th century. The exhibition, which will only be seen at MoMA, presents an unparalleled opportunity to study the artist’s development over nearly seven decades, beginning with his early academic works, made in Holland before he moved to the United States in 1926, and concluding with his final, sparely abstract paintings of the late 1980s. Bringing together nearly 200 works from public and private collections, the exhibition will occupy the Museum’s entire sixth-floor gallery space, totaling approximately 17,000 square feet.

Women I, 1950-1952

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The Time of Estee Lauder

Who would’ve thought that world-renowned beauty brand Estee Lauder started off with only four products? The woman behind the brand, Estee Lauder, came from a humble background. She learned sales at a young age by helping her uncle sell his skin products, which they produced from their own kitchen. Lauder began her own company in 1946, and has been a success since. The brand’s products and availability has expanded immensely. Now, the most sought-after models grace the Estee Lauder advertisements. This timeline of advertisements shows the evolution of beauty over the years.

© Estee Lauder

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Beautiful Heart

By Veronica Foregger and Ryan Yoon

Success in the fashion world can mean a lot of things.  For some fame and fortune are enough, for others, fame and fortune are only a means to pursue loftier goals – to touch lives and make a difference.  For these five models, a beautiful face has allowed these extraordinary women the opportunity to open up their beautiful hearts. Petra Nemcova, Angela Lindvall, Lily Cole, Liya Kebede and Karolína Kurková


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All Roads Lead to Pop Art

By Jennifer Erwin

“Sometimes you fantasize that people who are really up-there and rich and living it up have something you don’t have, that their things must be better than your things because they have more money than you. But they drink the same Cokes and eat the same hot dogs and wear the same…clothes and see the same TV shows and the same movies. Rich people can’t see a sillier version of Truth or Consequences, or a scarier version of The Exorcist. You can get just as revolted as they can—you can have the same nightmares. All of this is really American.” – Andy Warhol


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“TIME CAPSULE” by Steven Klein

Steven Klein‘s a new story under the theme of “TIME” for W magazine .

It seems like the story was inspired by Brad Pitt’s 2008 movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)”

Benjamin Button is a grand tale of a not so ordinary man and the people and places he discovers along the way, the loves he finds, the joys of life and the sadness of death, and what lasts beyond time.

© W magazine, Steven Klein

©Warner Bros Pictures, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 2008

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Fearless Fashion: Stevie Boi

By Laurent Altier & Vanessa Cubillo

In the future there will be flying cars, teleporters, and SB shades will be worn by all. This is the future that SB shades designer, Stevie Boi envisions, and if anyone can make that happen, he would be the one. In only a year and a half, he went from the web pages of Myspace to the pages of Vogue, making his presence known with his fearless style and insatiable determination. In that time he has worked with some of the biggest celebrities around and has increased his online following from 6,000 to 31,000. This would come as a great surprise for most, but for Stevie Boi, he knows he earned it.

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The Polish Invasion

By Veronica Foregger and Ryan Yoon

We are currently living through a Polish Invasion, and it’s never been a more beautiful time.  From magazines and runways, to billboards up and down the New York Avenues, the faces of top models are progressively becoming more and more Polish.  Consider that 5 of the top 20 models made their way from Poland, and you can acknowledge the phenomenon. While it’s easy to group them together because of their roots, making it to the top is always a long shot. And every long shot has a distinctly different story.

©Viva!Moda Mag, Cameron Krone

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SIKI IM Spring/Summer 2012


With cleaner lines and sleeker or unfinished tailoring, SIKI constructed his own way of very “SIKI Preppy” and “Scholarly look”.

Very loose silhouette, minimal & simple details and fabric he used propose an intersection of middle eastern culture. The Middle East referenced in volume, draping, wrapping, knotting of garments thus integrated with the notions of the West which can be seen in the constructed hand tailored and unconstructed blazers, T-shirts, and especially in the jeans.

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A look at pop music under the lens of virgin

By Matthew McGovern

When it comes to pop music as a whole and rock music in particular, the concept of ‘virgin’ is something of a paradox. After all, pop is not a virgin field, it is the home of the familiar.

Trends, revivals, and genres referred to as waves with adjectives in front of them, are cyclical; they are both in response and in reaction to their immediate predecessors. When examined in this context, it is difficult to conceive of any trend in music as being truly virgin, and unless you’re in Japan and you know the right surgeon, virginity isn’t something that comes back. It’s a great trick, but you can only do it once.

In this sense, virginity as an irreplaceable item, there are no truly uniquely qualities in pop music, as pop isn’t about the new, but recombining and revising what’s always been there. However, it is this very act of revision that makes contemporary music so fascinating. Everywhere, artists are moving forward by recreating and reshaping the past. Like those Japanese surgeons, they’re taking something old and used up and making it new again.

Sonic Youth - Source:Artist Profiles

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Remembering September 11th

The day we will never forget, September 11th, 2001.

Today, ten years later, we will honor the memory of all of those who we lost that day and we will remember 9-11 heros, the firefighter, the police man, the medical personal, rescue workers, and many others.

We will reflect on how far our country has come and far we have to go. We will share stories with others and with our children. And most of all, we will never forget.

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